Make your life one to Remember

Unlock a Brighter, Healthier You

This program includes:

1) 30-day meal plan focused on gut health for sober and semi-sober lifestyles
2) 30 day workout program to help you feel proud and accepting of yourself and all your hard work to life the life you want
3) An Online Accountability Coach

Are you ready to transform your life from a blur of hangovers, regrets, and exhaustion into a radiant, memorable celebration of life?

If you're tired of waking up with regret and longing for a life filled with energy, creativity, and genuine joy, you're in the right place.


What you get:

• 30 Day Meal Plan

• 30 Day Movement Plan

• An Online Accountability Coach

• Add on a 4 session weekly Coaching call with Dr. Stacy Reuille-Dupont for $125

What you can expect:

• Accountability Support

• Reignite Your Creativity

• Better Sleep

• More Energy

Join our community of people ready to take control of their lives, unlock their creativity, and cherish their lives with clarity and joy.

Discover powerful strategies to break free from the alcohol cycle, regain your vitality, and make the most of every holiday moment.

Connect with like-minded people who understand your journey, share your goals, and offer unwavering support as you navigate life with clarity and confidence.

*Please Note: this is an education and skills training program, not psychological treatment for Addiction or other psychological diagnoses.

Living Life Unaltered

Don't let another day pass you by in a blur of regrets and hangovers.

Choose to live life unaltered, embrace sobriety, and make this your best life.

This 30-Day program provides the support you need to life your best life.

*Please Note: this is an education and skills training program, not psychological treatment for addiction or other psychological diagnoses.


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