what if we told you that ADHD can also be a superpower?

Empowering ADHD:
A 30 Day Program to Unlock Your Potential

This Program Uses the Power of Movement and Nutrition to Help You Embrace Your Neurodiversity.

Harnessing your unique strengths and learning new strategies, you can transform your challenges (being behind on tasks, easily distracted, or struggling to stay focused) into powerful tools for success.
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Personalized to fit your individual needs.

Easy to Fit Into Your Life.

You'll Have a Scheduled Movement Program and Meal Plan with Shopping Lists, Check Boxes/Lists, and Accountability Coaches to keep you focused on your goals.

You can also add on a 4 session weekly group coaching call for $125 where you'll work with a licensed psychologist experienced coaching adults with ADHD who will guide you through skills training, education about ADHD, and provide support along the way.

Don't let ADHD hold you back any longer. Join our education and skills course today and unlock your full potential!

*Please Note: this is an education and skills training program, not psychological treatment for ADHD or other psychological diagnoses.

Program includes

  • Exercises to improve focus and concentration. Movement IS medicine for ADHD.
  • Mindfulness techniques to manage stress and anxiety
  • Meals to support the unique needs of ADHD
  • Tools for organization and time management
  • Strategies for improving communication, beating boredom, and relationships
    + much more!

Empowering ADHD:
A 30-Day Program to Unlock Your Potential

This program is designed to help those with ADHD overcome their daily struggles and achieve their goals.

With a focus on using psychology, movement, and nutrition to establish structure and routines, improving time management and prioritization, practicing self-care, healthy stress management, improving communication, and relationships.

This 30-Day program provides a
step-by-step guide to your success.


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